Treat your shoes

Expert Cleaning, Polishing & Sanitisation for your favourite footwear. Restoration Service now available for just AED50 extra ShoeCare using natural cleaning products. Crease Removal – Perfect for leather shoes. Odour removal – Bring that fresh scent back to your shoes. 30% Off your first order

Expert Shoes Cleaning

Carefully cleaned by hand to bring life back into your shoes

Service Details

  • 30% off valid for the first order
  • Service requires 5 days turnaround
  • Disinfection for up to 30 days
  • 5% Cashback rewards not applicable
  • Partnership & Loyalty discounts not applicable

Gentle Cleaning

Hand cleaned by experts

Natural Products

For Leather shoes


Shoe restoration available from just AED50 extra

Sanitisation with Zoono

Protection from germs for upto 30 days