Perfect for the finest and most delicate garments

Our exclusive extra gentle treatment is now available for your most delicate items. Maxima provides the best care to your finest, most delicate pieces, fully cleaning them and even restoring their brightness and freshness. Once Maxima© treatment is finalized, we air-dry your items to prevent any potential shrinkage or fabric deformations. Delicate fibers or garments with ornaments deserve the best care. We ensure your most precious pieces live longer and brighter.

Suitable For :

Our team is available if you require any advice on the best service for your garments

Pickeez Advices You

It’s advisable to clean suits and dresses in maxima service since dry cleaning is less effective on water-based stains. Maxima service is effective for the garments which are advised for hand wash only.


Maxima is perfect for silk due to its low-temperature wash, gentle cleaning cycle and products and air-drying.


Maxima protects beads and keeps them in place and in the right colour due to the gentle cycle and air-drying.


Maxima is very gentle embroidery due to the delicate cycle, Low temperature and Air drying.


Maxima chemicals reduce felting in the wool and ensures the fabric stays in shape, fluffy and soft.


Maxima cleaning process leaves solvent residues left on cashmere fibres, leaving it looking vibrant and feeling soft.


Maxima is perfect for detailed and delicate lace garments due to gentle cycle, lower cleaning temperatures and air-drying.

Sequins / Strass

Maxima protects sequins and strass from mechanical action and heat during the drying process. We air-dry all items as part of the Maxima services .